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Study on the injury of shoulder joint and shoulder rotator cuff of tennis players in receiving ball

Haolin Fang(1), Jian Li(2) , Ru Gong(3), Yaping Liu(4)

Setting the scene:

The aim of this study is to find the diagnosis and examination of shoulder joint injury and exploration of injury causes in tennis players receiving ball.

What did they do?

In order to make the study on the shoulder and rotator cuff injury of tennis players caused in the receiving stage, patients with shoulder joint injury of three hospitals in one province during 2010-2015 are retrospectively analysed. According to the inclusion criteria, 31 patients are selected, the average age is 30.5 years old, and the ratio of male to female is 1.38:1. By the reason analysis of injury, insufficient preparation and too large swing are the main reasons, and the rotator cuff muscle damage is the main form in the shoulder joint damage. All patients are first carried out with X-ray radiography, and then MRI is used to confirm the degree of damage to the soft tissue. In the case of complex injury, arthroscopy is combined. It can be seen through the image inspection that 11 cases show full-thickness supraspinatus tear, 13 cases of partial tear of the supraspinatus, 9 cases of infraspinatus tear, 6 cases of subscapularis injury, and 18 cases of teres minor injury, 4 cases of avulsion fracture, 2 cases of tendon calcification, and 20 cases of articular cavity effusion. According to MRI classification statistics, there is 0 case of zero level, 18 cases of the first level, 10 cases of the second level, and 3 cases of the third level. Though the further analysis, it is shown that the main causes of damage of tennis player when receiving are inadequate preparation and too large swing force.

Takeaway message:

Rotator cuff is one of the most important muscles around the shoulder joint, it helps in mainly elevation and rotation movements in shoulder joint ,so eccentric loading as way of treatment to strengthen this rotator cuff ,it can decrease and prevent the recurrence times in any injuries in rotator cuff with sufficient warming up and preparation before any tournament or challenges.

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