OMTA is a subgroup of Primephysio UK Training, primephysio established in 2006. 

The OMTA aim is to maintain a high level of professional standards in orthopaedic Manual physical therapy practice. This is reflected in our mission, to Provide Excellence in Musculoskeletal Education. Since 2013 2000 physiotherapists have attended the official academy program (Orthopaedic Manual therapy Certificate) in 8 countries UK, Malta, Dubai, Kuwait, KSA, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Pakistan and Egypt. Our aim is to deliver our philosophy of OMT practice to double this number by 2022. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice is strongly linked to communities quality of life, our aim to help physiotherapists and health professionals interested with MSK problems to promote physical activity among our people to prevent as well as treat musculoskeletal symptoms. In a world of building walls Brexit, social media and social isolation, our aim is to gather physiotherapists from around the world to practice their role as movement embassadors. We provide a simple approach of Orthopaedic Manual therapy education that based on the fact that every successful management must include an in-depth analysis that produces psychological, social and physical problems, and use what we call the golden triangle of management where hands-on techniques, exercise prescription and education strategies are logically used to provide long treatment impact. 

Knowledge sharing is a passion, therefore all our tutors are happily travelling all over the world to present in conferences, provide short workshops, full training programs to wherever we get invited, If you are interested to bring our activities to your country please get in touch.





  • To promote a wider understanding of the role of the orthopaedic manual and manipulative physiotherapist, within our profession, other health professions and the public at large.

  • Set and monitor standards of the manual therapy practice, encourage high standards of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) throughout.

  • To support our members nationally and internationally in achieving and maintaining high-quality standards of health care delivery by encouraging and providing continuing education in evidence-based practice.

  • To organize, at regular intervals, events and learning opportunities relevant to OMT.

  • To encourage our members to produce ongoing good quality research.

  • Provide a forum for promoting the exchange of ideas and new developments in Orthopaedic manual therapy, encouraging a broad-based approach..

  • Maintain and develop links with universities, educational bodies, and other relevant national and international organizations.