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Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Academy

OMTA is dedicated to upholding high professional standards in orthopedic manual physical therapy. Our mission is centered on "Providing Excellence in Musculoskeletal Education." Since 2013, over 10,000 physiotherapists have participated in our official academy program, the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate, spanning sixteen countries: UK, Malta, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Palestine, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Bahrain, Indonesia, Jordan, Qatar, Pakistan, Sudan, and Egypt. We aim to contribute to the enhancement of community quality of life through musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice.

In a world marked by challenges such as Brexit, social media, and social isolation, OMTA aspires to unite physiotherapists worldwide as movement ambassadors. We advocate for the promotion of physical activity to prevent and address musculoskeletal symptoms. Our educational approach emphasizes a thorough analysis, considering psychological, social, and physical aspects—the golden triangle of management. This involves the strategic use of hands-on techniques, exercise prescription, and education strategies for lasting treatment impact.

Knowledge-sharing is ingrained in our ethos, and our tutors happily travel worldwide, presenting at conferences and conducting workshops and training programs. If you're interested in bringing our activities to your country, please get in touch.

OMTA’s Mission

  • Promoting Understanding: Foster a broader understanding of the orthopedic manual and manipulative physiotherapist's role within our profession, other health sectors, and the public.

  • Setting Standards: Establish and monitor standards for manual therapy practice, advocating for high-quality Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) globally.

  • Supporting Members: Support members nationally and internationally in achieving and sustaining high-quality healthcare standards by promoting continuous education based on evidence-based practices.

  • Organizing Events: Arrange regular events and learning opportunities relevant to OMT to facilitate ongoing professional development.

  • Research Advocacy: Encourage members to engage in ongoing, high-quality research endeavors in the field of Orthopaedic manual therapy.

  • Knowledge Exchange: Provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and new developments in Orthopedic manual therapy, fostering a comprehensive approach.

  • Building Collaborations: Maintain and strengthen connections with universities, educational institutions, and other pertinent national and international organizations.

Orthopaedic  Manual Therapy Academy
The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists Inc. (IFOMPT) is a subgroup of World Physiotherapy which is the sole international voice for physical therapy, representing more than 350,000 physical therapists worldwide. In turn, World Physiotherapy is a World Health Organisation (WHO) member.
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