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Heba I. Fuad

Accredited senior tutor at PRIMEPHYSIO TRAINING UK .
  • Kinetic Control Tutor- Comera Movement Sciences UK.

  • Senior specialist physical therapist in PM&R hospital, Kuwait .

  • Clinical instructor for P.T students ( 3rd and 4th year ) , Kuwait University .

  • Clinical Supervisor for P.T trainee in Female outpatient orthopedic P.T unit in PM&R hospital.

Heba is a manual & women health therapist that completed her undergraduate study at Cairo university 1995 and worked clinically till 1998 before moving to Kuwait .


Ever since then she has been working to gain her experience on an evidence -based practice . From 1998 -2000 she has actively participated in the Kuwait- Dalhousie program held in PM&R hospital in collaboration between M.O.H & P.T office .


Throughout her years of experience , attended conferences , symposiums and workshops in Kuwait , Bahrain , Oman and U.A.E .


By 2012 she was certified for medical tapping and was introduced to PRIMEPHYSIO training too, she kept on building her base of knowledge till successfully passing the professional diploma in manual therapy held by prime-physio in Kuwait and completed her advance clinical 2 weeks placement in Sheffield , UK in 2016.


In March 2015 she was certified as a dry needle practitioner and a certified Mulligan practitioner .


Her journey with Women health passion started in 2013 by attending multiple workshops for pelvic floor dysfunction assessment and management , she kept on improving her skills till she successfully passed a 6 month training  about role of PT in women health held by Kuwait University in 2015.


As a senior of the PT female orthopedic unit in PM& R hospital , Heba is responsible to solve staff and patient problems in addition to managing a sufficient case load , she also shares in presenting lectures for public awareness & conducted several internal and external training programs titled :  ( Lumbo-pelvic dysfunction problems PT management ) .

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