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Hayat Mostafa

Accredited senior tutor at PRIMEPHYSIO TRAINING UK .
  • Kinetic Control Tutor- Comera Movement Sciences UK.

  • Senior Primephysio and OMTA Teaching Team.

  • Masters in Physiotherapy, Cairo University.

  • PHD candidate, Cairo University.

  • Certified Manual Therapist, OMTA

  • Certified Dry Needling Practitioner, Primephysio

  • Maitland Trained Therapist, IMTA, Switzerland 

  • Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist, NESTA, USA

Hayat completed her undergraduate education and graduated from Faculty of Physiotherapy, October 6th University, 2006 with more than 16 years of experience in both Cardiopulmonary and Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, she started her clinical experience in Dar El Salam General Hospital 2008 and became the deputy head of the Department of Physiotherapy till 2018, also she was trained and applied practical application for her master’s degree in the National Heart Institute from 2011 to 2013. She got her master’s degree in cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation from Cairo University in 2013. She is now enrolled in the Doctorate Degree program in Cairo University. She Started her journey with Primephysio in 2018, assisted in more than 8 Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate programs, also she assisted in Mulligan, Kinetic control courses. She achieved her Level 2a in the Maitland Concept aiming to continue the lovely journey and become an official Maitland Therapist. She is now one of the teaching team in OMTC, Sports, Taping, Kinetic Control and Dry Needling Program and part of curriculum development team. She joined the Egyptian Archery federation as a member in the medical committee in 2021 also she joined Zamalek Sporting Club Women Basketball Team as a Senior Physiotherapist.  She is part of the organization committee of the Middle East Manual Therapy Congress organized every year by the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Academy. She is also Primephysio quality control officer in Cairo, Egypt.

Clinical experience

·        Senior physiotherapist in Dar El Salam General Hospital 2008-2014

·        Deputy head of the department of physiotherapy Dar El Salam General hospital 2014-2018

·        Assistant in Surveillance and Epidemiology Department 2020-2022

·        Director of Physio Lounge Rehabilitation Clinic since 2011

·        Director of Ever Gold project for performance optimization for the athletes since 2019

·        Member in the Medical Committee in the Egyptian Archery Federation since 2020

·        Physiotherapist in Women Basketball Zamalek Sporting Club 2022


-        Sports Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Certificate (more than 10 intakes)

-        Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate (OMTC) (more than 30 intakes)

-        Dry Needling Certificate Program (more than 20 intakes)

-        Advanced Clinical Taping (11 intakes)

-        Co-teaching Kinetic Control Official Courses (assisted in 7 intakes)

Teaching in: Egypt- Sudan- Pakistan- UAE- Jordan- KSA- Turkey

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