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9th February, 2018

Meet the patient
A two Hour patient demonstration master class

Presented by

Brian Mulligan

Co-Founder Mulligan concept


Time: 5:00- 7:30 pm

  • Catch the opportunity to shadow Brian Mulligan in a special experience for a clinical and practical patient assessment and treatment demonstration.

  • Watch how a 40 years experience in manual therapy applied for patient management.

  • Learn an experienced clinical reasoning / thinking way

  • Engage, ask questions and receive live answers.


We are not done yet

10th February, 2018

Meet the patient-2
A two Hour patient demonstration master class

Presented by

Professor Mohamed A. Sabbahi

Time: 5:00- 7:30 pm

Dr. Mohamed Sabbahi is a professor of Neuroscience, Electrodiagnosis & Physical Therapy at Texas Woman's University (TWU), Houston, Texas. He has now received the elite Professor Emeritus status from TWU. He is an academician, clinician & researcher with more than 46 years experience in the field of rehabilitation medicine. Read More....


*Tickets available for all physiotherapists, it is not exclusive to the conference attendees




Congress attendees                                                20$

Non-Congress attendees                                        60$


*Attend for free when you register for the workshops

Register or apply to bring your patient

Tel: 002/01003204374- 01282624202

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