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Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate (OMTC)
21-22-23 June, 2023


Welcome to OMTC Registration page, congratulations. You are about to join 3500 physiotherapists and medical doctors worldwide who have attended this program since 2013.


Certified by Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Academy and PRIMEPHYSIO-UK (Since 2006)


Program Profile:

  • 160 Intakes

  • 4500 Graduates

  • 12 countries (United Kingdom-Malta-UAE-KSA-OMAN-Jordan-Egypt-Pakistan-Palestine-Qatar-Sudan-Turkey)



Teaching Team:

Hayat Mostafa







Mohamad El-Dolifey



















This program:

Statistically this is the one of the most popular OMT programs among physiotherapists in the last 10 years. It has been organized more than 150 times in 18 cities worldwide and attended by 4500 physiotherapists and medical doctors. Majority of attendees mention the reason for joining the program as ‘’recommended by colleagues’’


The program focuses equally on the following three words:



  • HOW to conduct a clear and logical assessment

  • WHEN to decide referral

  • WHY some assessment procedures MUST come first and others should wait for later


  • WHY physios should apply a specific approach, manoeuvre or technique

  • WHEN ‘’clinical reasoning’’

  • HOW to apply them safely and effectively - ‘’practical application’’

The discussion and application are based on integrated approach, where a variety of manual therapy concepts are carefully selected and applied to a specific approach in a logically blended manner.


Indicative content:

  1. 120 manual techniques that cover Spine and extremities. (Joint and neural mobilization, taping, muscle energy and flexibility training strategies).

  2. Motor Control and exercise prescription strategies for spine and extremities.

  3. Real patient demonstration, 12 case studies and 60 mini scenarios to guide the clinical discussion and practical application.


Learning strategies: ‘’Active learning approach’’

Short lectures: Tutor never talks more than 20 minutes, this will be followed by a case study, group discussion, practical lab or all of them.



  1. Online pre-course material includes lectures and Short MCQ practice tests.

  2. Three busy Days of face-to-face practice-based learning.

  3. Final formative practical assessment and online MCQ in the final day of the course.


Upon successful completion of the program, attendee will receive an attendance certificate as well achievement certificate by OMTA and PRIMEPHYSIO-UK.

Names of graduates to be listed at OMTA website as OMTA certified therapist.

Fee :

Normal Registration

Individual registration:  120 $                       


If you are interested to host one of our activities and get free seats or are looking for world class in-house training or you are a group of physiotherapists interested in training in a specific topic that is not currently in our course list, please contact


Hayat completed her undergraduate education and graduated from Faculty of Physiotherapy, October 6th University, 2006 with more than 13 years of experience in both Cardiopulmonary and Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, she started her clinical experience in Dar El Salam General Hospital 2008 and became the deputy head of the Department of Physiotherapy till 2018, also she was trained and applied practical application for her master degree in the National Heart Institute from 2011 to 2013. She got her Master Degree in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation from Cairo University in 2013. She is now enrolled in the Doctorate Degree program in Cairo University. She Started her journey with Primephysio in 2018, assisted in more than 8 Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate programs, also she assisted in Mulligan,Kinetic control, and Manipulation Courses. She achieved her Level 1 in the Maitland Concept aiming to continue the lovely  journey and become a Maitland Therapist. She is now one of the teaching team in OMTC, Sports, ICU and Dry Needling Program and part of curriculum development team. She is part of the organization committee of the Middle East Manual Therapy Congress organized every year by the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Academy. She is also Primephysio quality control officer in Cairo, Egypt.


Aldoliefy got his BSc in physiotherapy from Cairo university, Egypt in 1998 with mre than 20 years of experience in MSK physiotherapy.worked as a senior physical therapist in minestry of health hospitalsfor 18 years.he started his journey with primephysio since 2011. From then on he shadowed  many international tutors in orhthopaedic manual therapy, bobath and sports physical therapy. Coteached in more than 30 OMTC programs and advanced manual therapy diplomas. Assissted in more than 7 official Mulligan concept courses in egypt. Teaches manipulation in the advanced manual therapy program and courses. He is a board member of the orthopaedic manual therapy academy and part of the corriculum development team. He is part of the organization comitee of the middle east manual therapy congress organized every year by the orthopaedic manual therapy academy. He is also primephysio course coordinator in Cairo, Egypt.

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