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OMTA Research Group

Support, Development, and Consultancy

The first established physical therapy research group in the Middle East.



The OMTA Research Group is devoted to improving quality of research, support and guide potential young researchers to find their path through the journey of research and formulate a research projects that will improve the quality of the Physical therapy profession and other health professions.


  • To encourage and support our research disciplines to collaborate with each other across disciplines to make the most of our incredible knowledge base of expertise.

  • To help our researchers navigate the complete research life-cycle and develop the skills they need to join the next generation of research leaders.

  • Develop connections with individuals, research groups and communities across the region and beyond to improve quality of research.

  • Apply various research methods to develop the physiotherapy profession and practice.

  • Increase research capacity and capabilities in this area through research, research training and collaborations with stakeholders, practitioners and students.

  • Provide regular contributions to the research community by conference papers, articles, and other work-in-progress contributions.

  • Contribute to the generation and translation of evidence about promoting health and undertaking research that can contribute to  current practice that impact on health and quality of life.

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Running Projects

“Perception among Egyptian Physiotherapists on Job satisfaction

A Qualitative study”


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