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How to Read & Critique a Research Paper


Please read the attached materials in the following order:

1- PowerPoint 1. Great start for those who are new to reading research.

2- PowerPoint 2. This PowePoint will help you to a better understanding of the different types of research and how to critique research.

3- Use the article below to practice your understanding of the PowerPoint.

3-Watch the videos that will help you enjoy reading and critiquing research. 








4-Open the MCQ file, and highlight the right answer.

5- Write a one-page review about the attached article that should include the following :

  • A one or two-sentence summary of the paper.

  • A deeper, more extensive outline of the main points of the paper, including for example assumptions made, arguments presented, data analysed, and conclusions drawn.

  • Any limitations or extensions you see for the ideas in the paper?

  • Your opinion of the paper; primarily, the quality of the ideas and their potential

Useful Resources


*This course is a free courses.The Assignment and the MCQ provided can be used for personal assessment for your understanding for the courses.


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