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The term Manual therapy has evolved over the years. Manual therapy is an intervention provided by physiotherapists as part of the treatment package. Our Philosophy at OMTA is that ''successful treatment for Musculoskeletal problems must include what we call ''THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE'' that includes :

  1. Changing patient's behavior and attitude towards pain and physical disability through Pain Neurophysiology Education approaches and promoting an active lifestyle.

  2. Manual Therapy: This includes a simple, yet effective, hands-on technique to maintain movement of musculoskeletal structures e.g. Nerves, Joints, and soft tissues.

  3. Exercise therapy: With an emphasis on the exercise quality, and evidence, that fit patients' abilities and needs and encourage compliance. 

The official program of OMTA is the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate (OMTC ) this reputable program started in 2013 and since then it has been organized more than 100 times in the following countries: 

The United Kingdom - Dubai - Malta - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Egypt - Jordan - Palestine - Qatar - Pakistan - Turkey and Sudan.

Over 3500 Physiotherapists have attended the program so far. If you are interested in hosting the program please get in touch with Dr. Saad (

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Violette Banda

The OMTC program gave me confidence in both assessing and treating patients dealing with orthopedic injuries. I believe that every physiotherapist should partake in this program for all the benefits there are to receive.


Ali Abuobieda

The OMTC program is one of the best courses I attended throughout my career. It has given me a lot of options in assessing and treating my cases specifically in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. I advise all my colleagues to participate and reap the benefits of this awesome program!

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Najwa Fadel

OMTC is one of the most important courses that every physiotherapist should attend. It made me more confident in assessing and treating patients with orthopedic injuries in a simple manner and noticing improvement in less number of sessions!

Our attendees' testimonials

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