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SeniorMS.PT,PhD.PT.Candidate Neuromusculardisorders&surgery,SpineSpecialist.

Dr. Mahmoud ElRazzy is a consultant physiotherapist and PhD candidate at the department of PT for neuromuscular disorders and their surgery at Cairo University. He was born in Cairo, Egypt, and trained as a short-term scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in the USA. He has worked in the KSA at El-Hayat Spine Physical Therapy as a consultant and manager for 6 years. He has been the founder of the ElRazzy spine research group and spine physical therapy centers since 2009. He has been awarded a Cairo University funding award in 2009 and an outstanding research award at WCPT Singapore in 2015. He assesses and treats patients with complex spine disorders. ElRazzy has also trained as an electrophysiologist and performs EMG and NCS guided Spine interventions and techniques (including Kinesiologic HR, late waves and SSEP) as part of the rehabilitation process, as needed and appropriate. He has also completed an MSc (Neurological Physiotherapy) and postgraduate diplomas in manual therapy and biomechanics, as well as MSc modules in manual therapy for soft tissues and joints. He also has a postgraduate certificate as an independent (non-medical) prescriber.

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