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In 1983 Brian discovered and developed a new field within manual therapy which he called, "Mobilisations with Movement" (MWMs). Two years later he discovered and developed the "Pain Release Phenomenon" techniques (PRPs). "It all came along by chance," he says, but points to that quote from Louis Pasteur: In the field of discovery chance only favours the prepared mind. "We should learn from anything special that ever happens, to improve the management of patients." Read more

Dr. Ken Olson has served on the IFOMPT Executive Committee since 2008 and was the USA member organisation delegate to IFOMT in 2004.  Ken served on the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (USA member organisation to IFOMPT) from 1995 to 2006 and was President from 2002 to 2005.  
Ken has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and presented courses throughout the United States in the manual physical therapy diagnosis and management of spine and TMJ disorders and is the author of the textbook titled: Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine 2nd Edition published by Saunders, Elsevier; 2016.Read More

Professor M. Sabbahi has been a clinician, teacher and researcher since he graduated from the school of Physical Therapy in 1966 and University of Southampton (PhD) in 1976. His line of research is neuroscience of motor control and application of electrodiagnostic technology in evaluation and treatment of Spine pathologies. He authored more than 50 articles in internally reviewed journal and presented about 150 presentations in national and international meetings such as society for neuroscience, American physical therapy association meetings, combined sections of Physical therapy, World confederation of Physical therapy. He is a life member of the APTA & SFN. He was a member of the American Board of Physical therapy specialties in clinical electrophysiology from 1993 to 2013. Read more

Pablo works advising and supporting athletes, helping them to achieve their goals using risk analysis and injury prevention systems, and rehabilitating injured and chronic pain clients, whenever is necessary. He is a Physiotherapist from Brazil and runs 'PBM Esporte'.

As an experienced movement control specialist, Pablo is part of the exclusive global team of accredited tutors, instructors and consultants from Movement Performance Solutions, teaching Kinetic Control courses and delivering Training and Consultancy for The Performance Matrix. Pablo is also an Accredited Tutor, and the current Vice-President of the 'Therapy Taping Association' teaching courses throughout Brazil, as well as Venezuela.

His headquarters are now based in Rio de Janeiro and he is prepared to give all his best to assist any athlete or team that may need support during all the next sports events scheduled in his venue. Read more...

Dr Karen Beeton worked in the NHS before moving to the University of Hertfordshire in 1996 where she is currently the head of Department of Allied Health Professions and Midwifery at the University of Hertfordshire. Her research interests are in haemophilia and individual experiences of quality of life and this was the basis of her PhD. 

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Mahmoud is an academic and manual therapist based in Sheffield UK.  He started his academic role at Sheffield Hallam University in 2004 as a senior physiotherapy lecturer. He is a fellow of the higher education academy UK.He has a master in MSK physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University , Diploma in manual therapy (leading to MACP recognition) and currently persuading a PHD degree in MSK Physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University. He lead the musculoskeletal module within the advanced master program and supervised many master dissertations in the field of MSK Physiotherapy. Mahmoud is the chairman of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Academy OMTA and international OMT tutor. Read more

Geoff Foat is an International Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist and experienced clinicans and tutor .Geoff received full international teaching accreditation in the Mulligan Concept in Rome in 2002. He is the only accredited instructor in Africa in the Mulligan Concept, and has taught in South Africa and internationally in the USA, Thailand, Egypt and Brazil. He is the director of Physiopoint clinic in cape town. South Africa.

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Mr A-Enin is a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at University Hospital Southampton  .UK. He is particularly interested in complex trauma surgery, joint reconstruction surgery and complex hip surgery.You may be referred to Mr A-Enin for complex hip problems, hip revision surgery, joint arthroscopy or total hip or knee replacements. He also provides an acute trauma service for both general trauma and specialised lower limb trauma, including peri-prosthetic fractures (a fracture that occurs around an already-replaced hip) and complex trauma surgery. Mr A-Enin is a big advocate of the role of OMT in management of complex (non-operable ) conditions and work closely with the Physio team within the trust to provide best quality of patient care .Read more

Dr. Mourad specializes in spinal manipulation and dry needling for a variety of neuromusculoskeletal & sport injury conditions. Dr. Mourad received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Brescia University (Italy), a Master degree in Manual Therapy (OMT-IFOMPT) from the University of Genova (Italy), and a post-graduate Certificate in Sport & Exercise Medicine from Ulster University (Belfast, UK). In addition, he completed a training program in musculoskeletal osteopathy through the Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid (Spain). Read more

Dr. Samir Sabbahi is the dean of Faculty of Physical Therapy, Deraya University.He received his PHD degree in physical therapy from New York University, USA. With his clinical experience in musculoskeletal disorders, cranial and spinal disorders. “Management of tension and muscular headache, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, spinal disorders, extremity joint and muscular pain, urinary incontinence, spasticity and hypotonia”, he authored more than 20 articles in  international journals and taught more than 35 courses in Egypt and KSA. Read more

Dr. Nathan Hutting

Nathan is currently working as a physical therapist and manual therapist in a private practice and as a researcher at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, research group Occupation & Health. His current research topics include self-management, (work related) musculoskeletal disorders, premanipulative screening procedures and healthy living. He is also a board member of the Dutch Association for Manual Therapy (NVMT) and Member Organisation delegate of the Netherlands in the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT). Read more

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