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Kinetic Control: Movement Assessment, Clinical Reasoning and Movement Retraining - exploring the principles in a practical workshop with a focus on the scapula


Movement Specialist

Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor

The Performance Matrix Movement Consultant

Movement Analysis for Injury Prevention, Performance & Rehab

Date: 11/02/2018

Time: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Location:Modern University for Technology and Information (Transportation will be provided) 

This practical workshop will explore some key movement assessment tools for the scapula. This assessment will inform the retraining programme for each individual.




  • To become familiar with 3 movement control tests to identify movement impairment of the scapula.

  • To sub classify these impairments and clinically reason how this fits with the patients presentation and goals  

  • Design and implement an individual retraining programme to change the mechanism of impairment

  • Gain practical skills in movement assessment and retraining based on a clinical reasoning process

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