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Dr. Patrik Pedersen


Physiotherapist, MSc Man. Ther., Sports Medicine Specialist.
Kinetic Control Acredited Tutor, Dynamic Tape Accredited tutor.

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Patrik Is a Swedish Physiotherapist with a Masters Degree  in Manual Therapy from Curtin University, Perth Australia.
Patrik has been working clinically for 25 years, with manual therapy and sports medicine.
He has also been teaching Movement Control for Kinetic Control internationally over the last 15 years, and Dynamic Tape for 8 years.
Patrik is currently working in Arena Fysio in Helsingborg Sweden, and also as Physio for an elite handball team OV Helsingborg.

Meet Dr. Patrik Pedersen

24 February 2023

(02:40 pm - 03:10 pm)

Keynote presentation

22 February 2023

Hands on Workshop

Dynamic Taping In Clinical Practice.

Workshop Title:

Accredited Biomechanical Taping Practitioner ( Dynamic tape ) Part A

Workshop Objectives:

In Part A, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of Biomechanical Taping™, the theory underpinning it, the mechanisms, the foundations of developing techniques and building on your clinical reasoning. You’ll also learn a variety of techniques (over 30 in online resource) mostly for the peripheral joints so that you can start Dynamic Taping immediately.


 Course Fee :

A- Conference Attendees:

B- Non- Conference Attendees:

1. Individual Registration: : Early Bird: 110 USD- Late: 130 USD

2. Group Registration: Early Bird: 90 USD- Late: 110 USD

1. Individual Registration: : 180 USD- Late: 200 USD

2. Group Registration: Early Bird: 150 USD- Late: 175 USD

Online payment

Early Bird Registration Until 1st of February 2023

 Conference Attendees Individual Registration

110 USD

Conference Attendees Group Registration(+3)

90 USD

 Non-conference Attendees Individual Registration

180 USD

Non- conference Attendees Group Registration(+3)

150 USD

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