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Dr. Jacqueline Swart

Accredited Kinetic Control Tutor

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Jacqueline's Manage Movement Centre in South Africa allows her to employ her expertise in treating patients with various musculoskeletal disorders in addition to sports injuries, preventing injuries/recurrence of injuries and improving overall Movement Health. She firmly believes that managing movement should be the basis of each physiotherapist's practice. Also qualified as a Pilates instructor she gets the most out of her studio equipment as part of her specific movement retraining with her wide client base. Her expertise is has allowed Jacqueline to attend several World Athletic championships as a South African team physiotherapist

Meet Dr. Jacqueline Swart

25 February 2023

(9:00-9:30 am)

Keynote presentation

26 February 2023

(9:00 am-13:30 pm)

Hands on Workshop

Kinetic Control – movement choices to manage Cervical Spine Pain.

Are we doing enough to improve mechanisms with lasting long term outcomes?

  • Exploring the large variability in underlying pain mechanisms and variability of
    motor adaptation noted between individuals with cervical spinal pain.

  • Exploring evidence of change in neurophysiology – CNS adaptation to pain

  • Explore cognitive movement control tests to identify loss of movement choices

  • Explore how management can be optimised with individual targeted approach
    to improve movement efficiency, influence quality of life, reduce disability and
    effect recurrence

Workshop Title:

Kinetic Control masterclass to assess and manage a patient with Cervical/Thoracic pain.

An integrated approach to improve symptoms, disability, quality of life & recurrence.

Workshop Objectives:

  • We will explore an individual subjective and movement assessment with
    clinical reasoning of a patient with cervical/thoracic pain using a case study.

  • We will consider how changes in movement choices influence pain, history of
    pain, fatigue, recurrence.

  • We will explore how to assess movement choices in the cervical/thoracic area
    using case studies and practical examinations.

  • We will explore relevant treatment techniques and control of extensibility to
    manage restriction.

  • Practical assessment and retraining strategies will be explored how to change
    movement impairment influence for better long term outcomes.

  • Explore how management can be optimised with individual targeted approach
    to improve movement efficiency, influence quality of life and affect recurrence.

Online payment

Early Bird Registration Until 1st of February 2023

 Conference Attendees Individual Registration

90 USD

Conference Attendees Group Registration(+3)

75 USD

 Non-conference Attendees Individual Registration

150 USD

Non- conference Attendees Group Registration(+3)

125 USD

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