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Dr.Hans Van Helvoirt

Senior MDT Tutor

Hans Van Helvoirt

Hans van Helvoirt is a physiotherapist, he graduated in 1986 from the International Academy “Thim van der Laan” in Utrecht. In addition, he obtained his ‘Maitland Concept’ manual therapy license in 1990 and obtained the McKenzie Diploma in Diagnostic and Mechanical Therapy (MDT) in 1992 in Wellington, New Zealand.

·He has taken other specialized courses (Butler, Mulligan, Elvey,   Comerfort, O'Sullivan). He has taught a Master in Psychology at the   Benelux University in Antwerp and several coaching courses such as   provocative coaching, inspirational coaching and motivational   interviewing.

·Since 1993, Hans has taught courses at the McKenzie International   Institute in the Benelux delegation (Denmark, Hungary and Slovenia)   and has been a speaker at various international conferences on MDT   explaining the place of MDT within the biopsychosocial model.

Meet Dr. Hans Van Helvoirt

24 February 2023

(11:00 am-12:00 pm)

Keynote presentation


Using MDT: Matching Diagnosis to Treatment in Low Back Pain and Radicular Syndrome.


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