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Dr. Firas Mourad

Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Department of Physiotherapy

Firas Mourad.jpeg

Dr. Firas Mourad was awarded an International PhD degree with honors in Ciencias de la Salud from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Since this time, he has cultivated his physical therapy knowledge and practice in the field of orthopedics, sports and research. Additionally, he completed an extensive manual therapy program granting his status of Orthopedic Manipulative Physical Therapist (IFOMPT) from the University of Genova. Moreover, he received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine from the Ulster University in Belfast and a Post-Graduate Certificate in systematic review and meta-analysis (Cochrane) from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He has completed several distinguished certifications including dry needling, spinal manipulation and vestibular management.

Dr. Mourad boasts of more than 10 years of experience in managing health centers and of clinical expertise in the musculoskeletal field. He is also a consultant physiotherapy in sport rehabilitation and performance for elite athletes having experience with international level professional athletes and the Italian Rugby Federation.

Dr. Mourad has published original experimental research, clinical trials, case reports, and literature reviews in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals.

Meet Dr. Firas Mourad

25 February 2023

(11:00-11:30 am)

Keynote presentation

26 February 2023

(9:00 am-13:30 pm)

Hands on Workshop

Reconceptualizing Cervical Thrust Manipulation: Important Aspects For Safety and Effectiveness.

Workshop Title: 

Reconceptualizing Cervical Thrust Manipulation: Important Aspects For Safety and Effectiveness

Workshop Objectives:

Cervical thrust manipulation (CTM) is considered an adjuvant intervention to education and exercise therapy within a multimodal care pathway. Nevertheless, CTM recommendation as a first-line intervention is conflicting among clinical practice guidelines. All the above, lead to strongly debate regarding hands-on treatment, raising the suggestion of abandoning CTM. The World Health Organization consider CTM to be a safe and effective, with few, mild, transient adverse events. Anecdotal evidence reported cervical artery dissection and vertebrobasilar artery stroke following CTM. However, although strong evidence suggests that CTM may not be the direct cause of serious adverse events, anxiety regarding safety has been still reported as one of the major barriers to its use. Therefore, it is paramount that clinicians who utilize CTM are well informed of their safety and how to enact CTM within clinical practice guidelines’ recommendations and their daily practice. Historically, spinal manipulation was considered to operate through biomechanical and neurophysiological mechanisms, but their interaction was frequently not considered. In addition, results from randomized controlled trials must be interpreted according to limitations and heterogeneity of the available studies and the lack of knowledge of spinal manipulation mechanisms.

During the workshop participant will learn the updated knowledge surrounding CTM for its technical delivery, the mechanisms behind its effectiveness, its indications, and safety. Therefore, this session will focus on contemporary knowledge regarding CTM, in order to prompt clinicians to be able to make sense of the heterogeneity of evidence, and reconceptualize CTM in their daily practice.


 Workshop Fee :

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B- Non- Conference Attendees:

1. Individual Registration: : Early Bird: 90 USD- Late: 100 USD

2. Group Registration: Early Bird: 75 USD- Late: 90 USD

1. Individual Registration: : 150 USD- Late: 175 USD

2. Group Registration: Early Bird: 125 USD- Late: 150 USD

Online payment

Early Bird Registration Until 1st of February 2023

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90 USD

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